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People often think that they can fill up an aquarium with tap water, buy a few fish, add some decorations, and have a great looking fish tank, but that is simply not true. Fish are wonderful creatures, but like every other living creature, they have specific requirements. They need the proper pH level in their water, the correct diet, and the best temperature range, and they need these things to be constantly kept in check. Without these constants, fish will not thrive.

Aquatic Reef Designs is one of the top businesses offering fish tank services in Santa Barbara, CA. We specialize in the installation of your new aquarium and will take on any aquarium maintenance needed for its lifetime. We train our team to be able to handle any type of aquarium you could have, and they are knowledgeable in all areas pertaining to marine care and marine retail.

Some people don’t know there’s a difference between a fish tank and an aquarium. At Aquatic Reef Designs, we define an aquarium as a tank that holds more than ten gallons of water. Aquariums can range in size from fitting onto a bookshelf to encompassing adult dolphins, and they are often installed by professionals. They can hold fish, a living underwater ecosystem, both, or simply water. Aquariums are generally thought to be an observant design piece to a home or business that utilizes them.

Patients can experience a little tranquility while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room when there is a beautiful aquarium displayed. It is a welcome distraction for adults and children alike. Seeing a brightly lit aquarium full of colorful and active fish brings a sense of delight to patients of all ages. We service all types of commercial aquariums displayed in medical facilities, libraries, and schools along with larger institutions like science centers and many other businesses throughout Santa Barbara.

The installation of a new fish tank is exciting but can also be overwhelming. We have team members at Aquatic Reef Designs who will go over all of the necessary cleaning requirements. Our main goal is to make sure that our clients are comfortable with our cleaning process, and understand the necessary steps it takes.

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