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Saltwater aquariums are an incredible ecosystem to observe. Although these types of fish tanks require different maintenance efforts than freshwater tanks, they are just as simple to live with once you become familiar with it. Aquatic Reef Designs is a leader in saltwater aquariums, focusing on professional cleaning services to our clients.

We offer full-service aquarium cleaning in Santa Barbara, CA. Our aquarium cleaning services include fresh filter cartridges on select equipment, pre-measured fish food, regular cleaning and aquarium water changes, complete water chemical testing (including pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels along with water hardness).

At Aquatic Reef Designs, we also offer cleaning services for your newly installed aquarium or for an existing one. Our aquarium maintenance plans help reduce algae, remove waste and maintain appropriate water chemical levels to ensure you have a brighter, healthier aquarium.

At Aquatic Reef Designs, we love fish and we appreciate our aquarium customers. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal, your referrals our highest honor. We know you love your aquariums and wouldn't leave their care to just anyone, so we are happy to provide referrals upon request. Others have come to trust us for professional, friendly and knowledgeable care for their aquariums; you should too. Contact us today.

For all your aquarium cleaning services in Santa Barbara, CA, contact us right away!

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