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Aquatic Reef Designs was established to provide quality, personalized aquarium services to all of our clients in the Santa Barbara area. With skills acquired through many years of experience, Aquatic Reef Designs will bring the beauty and tranquility of underwater landscapes to your home and/or office.

At Aquatic Reef Designs, we're happy to provide you with all your aquarium needs for your home or office, from one-time aquarium cleaning services to monthly maintenance plans. We'll take good care of your aquariums so that you, your family, or your customers can enjoy colorful fish inside your clean, healthy aquarium.

A successful, thriving aquarium is an ecosystem that requires the appropriate balance of chemical and biological components to keep the system in check. The proper combination of plants, live rock, coral and aquarium fish and other water creatures combined with the right water quality, temperature and chemicals creates a beautiful work of living art for your home, office, or other commercial space.

We find fish to be exceptionally beautiful and interesting. They are unique, exotic creatures that have a delicate beauty and a mystifying quality. Watching the activity that occurs in a beautiful aquarium has a calming and tranquilizing effect on most people. With our many years of experience and knowledge, the experts at Aquatic Reef Designs are here to make sure that your aquarium stays in optimum condition and that your fish remain happy and healthy.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us!

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